TAMI Quality Management System

As a normal part of its business process, Technology and Management International, LLC has instituted a Quality Management System that systematically reviews and audits the quality and cost of both products and daily support operations from the customers' vantage point, as well as our corporate environment. Each site, project team and all of our managers and staff are reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure there has been no decline in performance or quality at any level. We are constantly seeking ways to systemically improve. We feel that in today's market "good enough" is not good enough to meet stringent TAMI quality and performance standards.

TAMI is proud to announce it's achievment of ISO-9001:2008 certification,

in June of 2015.  Please view our certification video below!


If for some reason, the video below will not play in your browser, then click on  this link...   https://vimeo.com/137155754

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